Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Railway Station In English



Hey Nina,

Hope you are a fine. I am happy that you got your dream job.

Last Saturday, as part of job training, I had to travel to Delhi. Delhi is 200 km away from my current workplace. I chose to travel by train instead of taking a flight. I book a train ticket to Delhi, which departs from ABC railway station. I have been to this railway station years ago for a trip. At that time, I remember I was very uncomfortable with the surroundings as I felt it was so dirty. But years after, I like how the railway station looks. It has improved a lot. It is very clean, and safe and has got many facilities for the passengers. I appreciate the railway authorities for giving the railway station an upgradation. Job training went well and I am back at my workplace.

Hope to meet you soon

Bye and take care

Your friend