Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Great Woman In English



Hello Joji,

Hope you are fine.

I came to know about a great woman named Anandi Gopal Joshi. She is our country’s first woman doctor. I read about her in yesterday’s newspaper article celebrating her 150th birthday. She was born in 1865, Bombay, British India. She got married at the age 9 to Gopal Rao, who was a progressive thinker. It was with his help, encouragement and support, she could go to Pennsylvania to pursue medicine. She battled against the orthodox Indian society which was against women gaining education and career and also against women crossing the sea. She secured her doctoral degree and came back to India and was appointed in as the physician in charge of Albert Edward hospital, Kolhapur. But she was diagnosed with tuberculosis and died at the age of 21. She remains as an inspiration for all the women in this country.


Your friend