Write A Letter To Friend About A Funny Incident In English

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Hey Olivia,

I am so sorry about the loss of your pet cat Lizzie. Hope you will overcome the grief. I will try to cheer you up by narrating a funny incident happened in my family. My cousin Anand clean shaved his beard and came to a family wedding. Many in our family haven’t seen him without the beard. For that reason, many didn’t recognize him. They thought that this is some guy who comes to a wedding uninvited only to have the food. Some of the uncles and aunties went to him and asked questions like “Who are you?”, “Who invited you?”, etc He thought that they were just kidding and kept quiet. Things got worse when my one uncle called the security to take him away. By this time his parents too arrived and they said told that it’s their son and everybody got surprised. The hall filled got with laughter.


Your friend