Write A Letter To Your Friend About A Birthday Party For Class Five In English

House No 12/99
Pandits Colony


Dear Vinu,

 I hope you and your loved ones are happy and doing well. Yesterday evening, I went to the park with my father. There, I saw our friend Minnie with her mother. We played together and had ice cream. Minnie invited me to her birthday party next Saturday at her house. She told me that she had invited you as well. We can go there together. Do you have any gift ideas for Minnie? I am planning to buy her a packet of candies in different flavours. She loves candy. Minnie’s mother told me that there would be many fun games at the party, and there would be exciting prizes for all. Minnie also invited Sarath, Mukil, Neerada, Priya, and Vrinda. We have to dress up as our favourite cartoon character for the party. I will be dressing up as Tom Cat. What about you? I am very excited about this party. It will be very fun.


Your friend
Harsha F