Write A Letter To The Principal Requesting Permission For Conducting Research In English

The Principal
Vishwathma College of Technical Sciences
Telangana, 678854

Subject:- A permission letter for conducting research.

Dear Sir,
I hope this letter finds you in best of health. My name is Vikas Daggubati, I am a student of Chemical and Structural Engineering in your esteemed institution from second year. My core subjects are Chemical Engineering and structural architecture which requires a lot of industrial/visits and projects analysis with theoretical knowledge as well.

My fieldwork and practical work is almost complete. While writing a paper on one of the topics mentioned in the conference prospectus due to be held in our college, I have come across a problem, the solution of which can only be found in the research lab by conducting a small experiment.

I know that only authorized persons have access to the lab as it has very expensive equipment outsourced from many foreign companies. I promise to take utmost care of these equipments. Please allow me to conduct this short experiment so that I can deliver the research paper with utmost accuracy. I would be highly obliged if my request is considered by you.

Yours Sincerely
Vikas Daggubati
Research Scholar