Write A Letter To The Principal Complaining About The Misbehavior Of A Student In English

The Principal,
DPS School,

4 March 2023

Subject– Letter regarding the misbehavior of a student

Respected sir,

I, Suraj Kumar of Class 8th C, want to bring your kind attention towards the misbehavior of a student in my standard.

This is an incident that happened on the 3rd of March, the classes were going on as usual. I was sitting next to a girl according to the seating arrangement of the teacher. A boy from the other section, whose name is Osama Khan, entered the class and started abusing me.

According to him, I was flirting with the girl by sitting next to her. The girl in question stepped in between us and asked Osama to leave the class. But he started beating me, by this time there was a fight happening in the class. That is until a teacher came and suspended us both. My suspension is for the wrong reasons.

Kindly bring your attention towards the matter, so that the false accusation against me can be rebuked.

Yours sincerely,

Suraj Kumar
Class- 8th C