Write A Letter To The Principal Requesting Permission For Conducting A Seminar In English

The Principal
Vishwathma College of Technical Sciences
Telangana, 678854

Subject:- A permission letter for conducting a seminar.

Dear Sir,
I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. My name is Vicky Sharma, I am a research scholar in your esteemed institution. My core subjects are Chemical Engineering which requires a lot of industrial/visits and projects analysis with theoretical knowledge as well. Last week, we had an industrial visit which was allowed by you.

It helped us a lot by enhancing our vision, horizon and providing a lot of practical knowledge. Now that knowledge has no limits, your goodself is requested to organise a seminar regarding chemical engineering. We promise to make it successful. Many of the students of the class have also written research papers on various topics of interest. I hope our request will be given due consideration by you

Yours Sincerely
Vicky Sharma
Research Scholar