Write A Letter To Friend About A Day When Everything Went Wrong In English


Dear Fahad,

Hope you are fine. I really miss you.

Last week was very busy and stressful at school, especially Friday. It was the last day for the us to present our class skit in the morning assembly section. To add to this list, it was the day the English recitation competition was happening and I have given my name for the same. For the skit, I had an important role to play. Though I learnt all the dialogue, somewhere it went out of my hands. I stammered while delivering the dialogues. I mixed up my dialogues and the poem for the recitation competition. Somehow the skit ended. But I spoiled it. Again, for the recitation, I had to stop in the middle as I forgot the lines while reciting. I haven’t experienced a day like this of full failure. It was a bad day as nothing good happened


Your friend