Write A Letter To Friend About A Cricket match you have Recently Watched In English


Dear Kelly.

Hope you and your family are fine. We all are good here.

I went to watch the international cricket match between India and New Zeeland which our city hosted last week. The match took place in the Greenfield Stadium. The stadium was fully crowded. But unfortunately, few minutes before the match was about to begin, it started raining. There were even talks to cancel the match. As the rain subsided, the 20 over match was reduced to 6 over. The match begins with India batting. The audience were in full energy as they cheered for the team. India took 65 runs in 6 overs without loosing a wicket. It was a power strick batting. New Zeeland was able to take only 63 runs in 6 overs with loosing 1 wicket. Thus, India won the match. I was watching an international match live for the first time and it was a memorable experience.

Your friend