Write A Letter To A Friend About Bangladesh In English

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Hey Gowri,

I hope you and your family are happy and doing well. At school, my social science teacher asked the entire class to write an essay about one of our neighbouring countries. I wrote about Bangladesh. I would like to share some points with you. Bangladesh gained independence from Pakistan in 1971. The 16th of December is observed as Bangladesh’s victory day. It is a medium-developed country. Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. Bengali is the official language of this country. The population is above 160 million. The main crops cultivated in Bangladesh include tea, cotton, jute, sugar cane, etc. The Royal Bengal tiger is the country’s national animal, and the doyel is the national bird. The festivals celebrated in Bangladesh include Eid, Bakrid, Durga Pooja, Christmas, Pohela Baishakh, etc. Bangladesh has the world’s largest river delta, formed by the Brahmaputra and Ganges rivers. Cox’s Bazar is a major tourist destination in Bangladesh. It is a beautiful country where people live in social harmony.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Sanjana F