Write A Letter To A Friend About Arranging A Get Together In English

Flat No 21B Second floor
Nila Apartments


Dear Hridya,

How are you? I am doing well here. We’re all missing each other very much, aren’t we? Last week, I met Adhik at the mall, and he asked me whether we could arrange a get-together for all of us—me, you, Adhik, Swetha, Ashna, Nazim, and Joey. I came back home and thought about it. We should definitely arrange a get-together for us. What do you say? I will tell you my plan. There is a resort near Marinna Beach. We could have our get-together there. I inquired about it, and it is affordable for all of us. We can fix a date that is convenient for all of us. We can have our lunch at the resort and spend time together at the beach. It will be just the six of us. We could play card games as we used to play in tuition class. If you have any other plans, please write to me. We could talk about it and conclude.

Bye and take care
Aysha F