Write A Letter To A Friend About Another Friend In English

‘Harihar’ Sree Nagar
Narmada Junction


Dear Naira,

I hope you and your loved ones are fine and happy. How is everything at school going on? I am adjusting myself to my new school environment. Everything here is new for me—new teachers, new classmates, and so on. After joining this new school, I didn’t make many friends. But I became very friendly with Monica. I was the only new student in my class this academic year. Everyone else in my class knew each other before. Monica was the one who came and talked with me. She introduced me to other students and made me understand the rules of the school. She made me feel comfortable in the new school environment with her friendly behavior. Now, she is my best friend at school. Monica also likes the TV show we like the most, and like us, she also loves to play badminton. I really want to introduce Monica to you. I am sure you will like her.

Bye and take care

Your friend
Sona F