Write A Leave Letter To Teacher For Marriage In English

Ms Lekshmi S
Biology Teacher
City Government School

I am Ritika F of class 8th A. I am writing this letter to you as our class teacher, Ms. Anita, is on leave and you are in charge of our class in the latter’s absence. I am writing this letter to cite the reasons for my absence from the class for the past two days. I was absent as I had to attend the marriage of an important relative in another district.

I couldn’t come to class without attending the wedding, as there was nobody at my home and my family took me along with them. I request that you consider this a leave letter and kindly permit me to attend the classes from today onward. I make sure that I will go through the lessons taught on the day of my absence, ask and clear all the doubts, and complete the notes as well.

Thank you for taking time to read my letter.

Your faithfully
Ritika F