Write A Leave Letter To Class Teacher For Marriage In English

Mr Biju Thomas
Class Teacher, 9th B
Good Shepherd CBSE School

I am Anant F of your class 9th B. I’m writing this letter to request a leave of absence for three days, beginning tomorrow. My only sister is getting married, and it is the day after tomorrow. As the bride’s brother, I have to be there at my home as I too have some marriage duties. During this academic year, I have not taken any leave.

Taking a leave for three days will not affect my attendance percentage required to write the final exam. I kindly request that you grant me a leave of absence for three days so that I can attend my sister’s wedding. I will make sure that when I come back to school after my leave, I will cover all the material taught on the days of my absence and will submit all the notes and pending projects after reviewing them.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read my letter.

Your faithfully
Anant F