Write A Leave Letter To Class Teacher For Going To Village In English

Ms Sweta Rani
Class Teacher, 8th B
City Government School

This is Erin Das from your class, 8th B. I am writing this letter to request a few days’ leave. I received a letter from my house. I am coming from a village. In the letter, my mother had asked that I return to the village next week and stay there for a few days as there is an emergency situation that is not mentioned in the letter.

I wish to go to my house and know what the emergency situation is. Our school will be closed for puja holidays after one week. I kindly request that you grant me a leave of absence for three days prior to the school closing. I promise you that I will cope with the portions being taught on the days of my absence and complete the notes accordingly.
Thank you for taking your valuable time to read my letter.

Your faithfully
Erin Das F