What are the 5 parts of a summary?

A summary is the first impression that you make on your reader. You can’t do anything about how they perceive you, but you can control what you say. When you write a summary, your goal is to say everything you need to say in just the right words. Your summary should be brief and to the point. It should be easy to read and understand. You should avoid lengthy explanations and repetitions.

  1. An introduction is where you introduce your topic. This is the most important part of the summary. The introduction tells the reader what your summary is about and how it will be organized.
  2. A thesis statement is a statement that summarizes the main idea of the summary. This is the main point or conclusion of the summary.
  3. Body paragraphs: This is where you explain your topic using evidence from the source. The body paragraphs are organized around the thesis statement.
  4. Conclusion: This is the final section of the summary. It summarizes the information in the body paragraphs and restates the thesis statement.
  5. References: At the end of the summary, you should list all of the sources used in your summary