Paragraph on Visit to a Fair

Every year, a fair is held near our village in Punjab. The fair is held on the occasion of an annual cattle show. In this fair, cattle from all the corners of Punjab are brought by owners. They are of quality breed.

People flock in large numbers to the fair to see the animals Cows, buffaloes, bulls, oxen and other animals are there. As this fair attracts people from the neighbouring villages and states, many other items of public interest are also displayed there.

When I reached the spot, I noticed many things First of all, there was a bazaar where shopkeepers were selling articles of daily use In one corner, there sat a juggler. The juggler was amusing people with his tricks.

His feats were really marvellous and mannerisms amazing and stunning. At one time he cut the belly of a small boy that amazed and shocked every spectator. As I moved further, I saw a merry-go-round.

There many boys, girls, men and women were having joy rides. There was great rush of people on the merry-go-round. In one corner wrestling bouts were being organised.

Renowned wrestlers of the adjoining areas had come to participate in wrestling. It was an interesting scene to see them tugging, pushing and grappling with each other. There was a snake charmer surrounded by spectators.

The snake charmer was playing on his flute pipe. The pipe was giving out a very melodious tune Before his flute, a serpent was dancing. The serpent seemed to be completely hypnotised by the sweet sound of the flute.

It as an interesting sight and was enjoyed by one and all. The fair was arranged on a grand scale. Many people had come to buy and sell their cattle, some of which fetched high prices. Everybody was buying something or the other.

Some destitute, lame, crippled and handicapped men and women were begging for alms. Passers-by were giving them alms. There were many sadhus also. They were chanting mantras and pious hymns.

Some were giving lengthy discourses Religious-minded people sat before them, listening speeches. I enjoyed myself very much. It was thrilling to go to the fair.

A flood of humanity was all that I could see there. In the evening, the rush began to peter out. I also made my way for home in the evening.