My Best Friend Paragraph in English

I have many friends who are dearer to me than my own life. It is very difficult to name the best choice out of them off hand. My maximum time is spent in the company of Brijmohan whom I call Briju, but others call him Mirchi.

I do not know what type of child they consider him to be but for me, he is sweeter than honey. He is one of the best centre-forwards in the hockey team of our school.

His only ambition is to bring India on the Olympic Map once again in this game. He is an ace sprinter and when he chases the ball, no one can snatch it from him.

He was the captain of the state junior team that participated in the national games. It is surprising to make out how he stands first in different subjects in the class.

Most of the players occupy back-seats in our class and relax while the teacher writes something on the blackboard. He is very active and keeps on asking inquisitive questions.

Last year, he decided to take part in a Hindi play and in it, he acted as a milkman so well that the spectators burst out with laughter. He had observed his milkman very closely and mimicking on the stage was perfect.

He is the best debater as well in the class. How can a single person combine all these qualities? He has learnt this art from his father. His father taught him to put his heart and soul in anything he did.

He often tells me that we should be like Arjuna who did not see anything but the eye of the fish when he shot off his arrow. We cannot achieve much because our minds are engaged most of the time.

When we study, we should study and forget everything about the games. When we play, our mind should not see anything but the ball. This is the secret of the success of my friend I wish that I could also follow in his footsteps.

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