1 Minute Speech on Importance of Sports and Games in English

Sports is an essential part of human life. From the Olympics in Ancient Greece to various sports tournaments held today, sports have always played an important role in human society. People all over the world play and enjoy different kinds of sports such as cricket, football, tennis, basketball, and more. Sports involve physical activities that … Read more

1 Minute Speech on Environment Pollution in English

Pollution is the addition of harmful materials that negatively affect the environment. In recent years, with the rapid development in technology and widespread globalisation, pollution has become a more pressing problem than ever. It deteriorates the quality of the air we breathe, contaminates the water that we drink, leads to health problems and climate change, … Read more

1 Minute Speech on What is Global Warming in English

Global warming is the gradual increase in the earth’s temperature. Global Warming has rapidly increased in the last hundred years due to industrialisation and urbanisation. Industries burn tons of fossil fuel, which leads to the release of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane. Greenhouse gases are the chief cause of global warming because … Read more