1 Minute Speech on Environment Pollution in English

Pollution is the addition of harmful materials that negatively affect the environment. In recent years, with the rapid development in technology and widespread globalisation, pollution has become a more pressing problem than ever. It deteriorates the quality of the air we breathe, contaminates the water that we drink, leads to health problems and climate change, and harms all living creatures. Some of the leading causes of pollution are the burning of fossil fuels, oil spills, the use of plastics, and industrial waste.

Pollution and its adverse effects pose a threat to planet earth and all life on it. The first step to fighting pollution is to raise awareness about it. Reducing, reusing and recycling waste is one of the best ways to prevent pollution. As responsible human beings, we must try our best to reduce pollution so that we can create a better world for ourselves and preserve the beauty of the earth for future generations.