Short Speech on My Hobby Drawing in English for Students and Children

Respected Principal, teachers, and my fellow students. Good morning to all of you. I stand in front of you to talk about drawing as one of my favourite things to do. The topic of my speech is – My hobby-drawing.

A hobby is an activity that is done regularly mostly in the free time and it is done for enjoyment. We all have some hobbies like singing, dancing, cooking, listening to music, etc. My hobby is drawing.

I love to draw since I was four years old. I used to scribble on the walls and make some easy caricatures using a pencil. I made cats, cartoons, flowers, etc. My mother realized that it is my hobby and she sent me to a drawing teacher to take drawing classes during summer vacations.

I started loving it more and more day by day. As my interest increased, I started taking drawing classes during winter vacation also. I polished my skill of drawing and today I can draw anything lying in front of me. It gives me great pleasure when I draw something.

Drawing has its own benefits. When you draw something, you do not just create a piece of art. You improve memory, you improve problem-solving skills, and you also improve creativity.

The health benefits of painting and drawing are endless. It is very clear that activities like drawing can cause an increase in emotional intelligence.

Drawing also promotes better mobility. As an individual will use a brush or pencil to create an artwork, he would develop more efficient hands movement. This results in the fine motor skills of an individual.

I have always done drawing because I love it but now as I shared, it has so many health benefits that one should try and develop some interest in it. You may not be very good at it but with practice, you will improve over time.

I have also improved over the years. Earlier, I used to draw the only objects but now I can draw scenery too. I have won many certificates and prizes in the drawing. I would like to be an artist one day. In the end, I would like to say that hobbies are very important. We all should have one.

Thank you.