Essay on My Hobby Drawing

Hobby is an activity which we do to pass time with enjoyment. Basically, when we are free of our regular activities, we do something which we enjoy. This is called hobby.

Hobbies are of different kinds. It depends on one’s likeness towards a hobby. People have hobbies like drawing, painting, photography and gardening etc. Every one of us likes to engage ourselves in some hobbies. Hobbies help one to remain active. Hobbies entertain us. They help people to be energetic all the time.

We can get mental peace from doing the works we love. They help to add some more knowledge and skills to our past knowledge. A sport like playing football helps one to attain physical development. It develops a sense of team spirit in a person.

My hobby is drawing. I love to draw with different colours. Drawing gives me happiness. My most favourite time is when I come back from school because at that time I get free time to paint.

I love to draw my mother and father’s pictures on my notebook. They are my favourite drawings. I also love to paint fruits like mango, orange and banana. My mother motivates me to draw more and more. In my school also, everyone loves my drawings. Whenever there is a school competition, my teachers call me to participate. In my home, there is a small room made by my father. In that room, I have kept all the pictures which I have drawn. I have drawn mango, cow, apple, banana and many more.

My mother and father always help me in getting coloured pencils, sketch pens etc. They become very happy because I do not waste time and do my drawing in free time.


Is drawing good for your brain?

Drawing increase brain function. Art play an important role in mental development and it increases the creative skills of the mind.

Drawing Can Change Your Brain 

It increases creative skill, relaxes the mind. It makes you more happy and resilient. It also improves your memory.