5 Minute Speech on Hobbies in English for Students

Hobbies are the activities that we do during our free time. It is vital to choose a good hobby. We should learn to use our free time carefully and wisely. There are lots of hobbies. Some examples of hobbies are painting, reading, gardening, and many more. Hobbies are done because we enjoy doing them. Some people enjoy playing video games as a hobby but it is not quite recommended because it is very addictive and can destroy the person’s value of time. A person is usually advised to take up a good and practical hobby which will eventually be of help to them in the long run. When a toddler is guided on the right path, he can choose his hobby of his own free will which is also very practical.  Choosing a hobby has no restrictions or rules but rather parents need to pave the right direction for kids.  For adults and even for students, it is important to give time for hobbies.  This can give a mental break time for the mind to regenerate. It makes a person more productive, and more creative. It is amazing how much power hobbies hold. A person can also develop new hobbies and to do so a person needs to be open to trying new things. Through this, they learn a lot about themselves. It opens doors to various opportunities. It helps a person greatly in their social life as well. They learn a lot of patience. Hobbies challenge everyone, whatever field it may be. It is food for the brain and it exercises the very important brain.