5 Minute Speech on Honesty in English for Students

Honesty is when a person is being truthful and transparent. This is a very important characteristic for anybody. It is now often rare to find an honest person or a friend. An honest person may sometimes hurt others but at the end of the day they are being honest and that is what matters in the end. The world of today is filled with too much competition. Be it with strangers or friends in real life or virtually,  especially with social media taking over the world. Everything and everyone becomes fake. And being fake is rather very common. Which is very sad. So when you find an honest friend you should treasure that friend for that kind of person is rare to find. Being honest should be engraved in the hearts of people especially when they are young, this way it moulds the person to be a good citizen of the society. Society plays a vital role in honesty. It’s our leaders who inspire the people. And when our leaders are not being honest it influences the citizens. Dishonest people should be punished and should be taught the consequences of being dishonest. This way people will try to be honest but when dishonesty is ignored, society crumbles along with this behaviour. Honesty should be taught, it must be taught. It should be re-reminded to everyone every now and then. It should be engraved in our hearts as good people .