5 Minute Speech on Happiness in English for Students

Happiness is so important in anyone’s life. It makes a person more productive. When a person is happy they can view things with positivity and with a broader perspective. Happiness goes a long way. It can affect a person’s health as well. People who are constantly happy are seen to live longer. Happiness is also very influential. A happy person can do more and learn more from other people. Life can be depressing sometimes. Life isn’t a bed of roses, this is a very common phrase that we hear now and then. It means that life is filled with situations of ups and downs. And in those times, we as human beings can go through a lot of mental stress and pressure. This is when happiness plays its role. It is not easy to be happy all the time but we have to find our way to be happy and find happiness in all small affairs. This way we can be happy and grounded. It is very rare to find people who find happiness in small things. We have to be like these people. This way we can be grateful for everything in life. With social media taking a lead role in the majority of our lives, everything is very competitive. Through this, our hopes and our expectations get very high.  We end up not being grateful for the small things in life.  

The importance of happiness should be taught to children from home and at school. It goes a long way in life. Through this, it can also really alter a person’s character and personality to a great extent.