5 Minute Speech on Gender Equality in English for Students

Gender equality has become a very popular topic. Women have grown so greatly with time in all spheres. We can also see that women are standing up together and voicing their opinions. This was rarely seen back in the day. In today’s time, gender inequality has been defined so differently. But one should keep in mind what gender equality means. As much as men have open doors for jobs and other opportunities, women should have the same opportunity. Men may be physically stronger but that does not open more doors for men. Gender equality has been brought into the world’s context and the coming of this has changed the dignity and the freedom of women greatly. Iceland is a country that is said to have the most gender equality, almost 90.8 per cent. India is still struggling a lot in terms of this topic. There are improvements but still has a lot of room for more improvements. The male gender is still seen to take the lead role in most opportunities.  We should promote gender equality as educated citizens. We should support women in political affairs as well and put importance on equal access to education for both boys and girls. The treatment of both genders should be fair. Back in history and back to facts, gender equality only began in the late 19th century. Before that, the life of women was rather traumatising for the general. As we look upon women today,  empowered and protected, we should continue to strive for the better and do our best to empower and educate everyone in their field.