Short Essay on Travelling

Love for travelling is inherent in man. It grows out of his desire to know the unknown and see the unseen. The wander-thirst lies deep in the human heart. And so man has remained ever a traveller.

In ancient times, scholars and students undertook perilous journeys to teach and learn new things. Books were then very rare. Knowledge remained confined to a particular place.

Travelling was naturally essential to learning. People from different countries travelled to Rome and Athens to further the cause of education and knowledge. The Chinese learners came to India in pursuit of knowledge.

Indeed, travelling contains the essential ingredient of true learning. Seeing is believing. Anything learnt about a matter by reading a book can he fully grasped by coming into a direct contact with the same.

Theoretical knowledge is hardly comprehensive. It fails to satisfy an inquisitive student. Travelling alone can supplement what is missing in bookish education. Learning becomes perfect and purposive only when it is tempered with travelling.

Travelling is, indeed, a great educator. The social, political, economic or geographical condition of a country is best learnt by paying a visit to that country. By bringing him in contact with new lands, new people and new systems, travelling immensely educate and develops the mind of a man. No book could have taught to him so many things in so clear a way.

Travelling is the most perfect teacher of history. It opens before one a new vista of the glorious reality of the past. Travelling revitalises the memory of the old thing and makes the study of history truly enjoyable. The view of the Taj or Ajanta teaches a traveller about the mighty art of ancient India.

Again, travelling broadens mind and frees it from narrow and parochial views. Its sociological training is of great importance. No nation can now live in isolation. In a shrinking world of today, all people must learn to co-operate and co-exist.

A close understanding between different nations of the world is necessary. Travelling can render here great service and bring different races and nations closer.

Travelling should never be taken as a mere pastime. It is an index haustible fountain of knowledge and wisdom. It acts ever as a bright lamp of knowledge. This lamp of knowledge tears away the veil of darkness. It fosters human understanding.

It blesses human life with vitality and liberal- ty It is a mighty educator of character and builds the same. Its educative value is of great significance at all times and in all countries. It makes the process of education pleasing, and not painful.

Isolation retards progress whereas intercourse quickens it. The spirit Of cooperation which humanity needs so badly for the promotion of peace And progress cannot exist if we do not have rapport and intercourses with the people of other countries.

We need to do away with the ill-founded fetters of conservatism for promoting a feeling of international brotherhood. This can be made possible if we take to travelling across the country as well as outside the country. One’s outlook gets broadened and one’s Knowledge gets enriched through travelling.