Nuclear Power in India Essay

The successful nuclear explosion at Pokhran in 1974, heralded a new history for Indian science and indicated a new line of progress for the country. It amply demonstrated the absolute command of the Indian scientist over the highly sophisticated technology of science and elevated India’s position and prestige in the council of nations.

India’s rare achievement in the atomic field caused tremors in the five countries enjoying the status of world atomic powers. India’s emergence as the sixth atomic power was an eye-sore to these atomic powers like America, Britain France, Russia and China. India proved it, beyond doubt, that nuclear science was not the monopoly of a few big powers.

The big atomic powers reacted sharply at this development. These powers exerted pressure on India to give up her nuclear programme. This cub of atomic powers even used U.N.O. to pressurise India into signing N.P.T and C.T.B.T.

No self-respecting nation could bow down before the pressure tactics applied by this atomic club. These atomic powers and their allies even threatened to impose economic sanctions on India if she carried on its nuclear programme.india made it clear that India wanted to use atomic energy for peaceful purposes and that she won’t sign N.P.T or C.T.B.T under any pressure.

She further declared that it reserved the right to manufacture nuclear weapons if the security conditions of the country warranted so. Consequently, America stopped giving India plutonium, the raw material required for atomic energy.

Undeterred by threats from the big powers, India went ahead with her nuclear programme. India developed indigenous technology much to the chagrin of these atomic powers.

India, a votary of world peace, has come to realise that no country can preach non-violence if it is weak and unarmed. Three Indo-Pak wars and one Indo-China War have cost India dearly. A vast area of Indian land is under the illegal occupation of both these countries.

No world power came to our help during all these wars. America has all along been supplying weapons to Pakistan and China has been transferring nuclear technology to Pakistan.

America’s assurance to the effect that American weapons supplied to Pakistan would not be used against India has been forgotten by America and Pakistan did use American weapons against India.

Pakistan’s and. China’s designs are suspects. Pakistan at present waging a proxy war against India. It has created law and order problem in many states of India. It is aiding and abetting militancy and organising training camps on its soil for militants.

ISI has spread its network in this country. Massacres of innocent people are carried in Jammu and Kashmir and Himachal. Thus there is a serious threat to the security of India.

Under the given situation, India was left with no alternative but to go nuclear in real sense and to manufacture atomic weapons to ensure national security. It goes to the credit of present government at the centre because it ordered the testing of atomic weapons like the atom bomb and the hydrogen bomb.

Their successful testing recently at Pokhran has sent shock waves to India’s detractors and instilled in Indians a sense of security, pride and confidence. The imposition of economic sanctions on India by America and its allies can hardly chill our spirits.

India is in an upbeat mood and no power on earth can browbeat us and dictate terms. India is determined to stand on its own feet and follow the advice of Late Lal Bahadur Shastri be self-reliant and self-disciplined.