Short Essay on Sun in English for Students and Children

The sun is a star which is at the centre of the Solar system. It is known as the Milky Way of the Solar system. Sun is the nearest star to the planet earth.

It is composed of various gases. It is a sphere of hot gases. The sun is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium.

Sun’s visible sections are mainly divided into two parts. They are ‘photosphere’ and ‘atmosphere’. The photosphere is the deepest part of the Sun. the part which is visible to be observed by us is the photosphere.

Sun is the most important source of energy for life on Earth. Every living being gets their energy from the sun. It is the source of light and heat without which life on earth would not be possible. Green planets would not be able to produce food to other living creatures.


The sun has been an object of respect in many cultures all throughout human history. The people of Hindu religion consider the sun as a god. The sun was thought to be a solar deity or other supernatural entity in many ancient cultures.

The sun is a beauty to our nature. People are very much fond of visiting specific places to watch the view of sunrise and sunset. One of the beautiful palaces in India is the Nandi Hills of Bangalore where people pay their visit to experience the sunrise.

But the brightness of the sun can also harm people. The harmful rays emitted by the sun are known as UV rays. It can cause pain if one looks at the sun directly with naked eyes. It can harm to the extent that it will lead one to temporary partial blindness.