10 Lines on Sun

  1. Sun is a star and one of the most important parts of our solar system.
  2. It is the nearest star to our earth.
  3. All the planets of our solar system revolve around the sun.
  4. The Sunlight emitted by sun travels at the speed of 3,00,000 kilometres per second.
  5. When the sun rises, it is called day and when it goes away, it becomes night. Thus without sun, there is darkness everywhere.
  6. Sun is also responsible for the different seasons of the earth. When the earth is near the sun on its axis, it becomes summer and when the earth goes far from it, winter appears.
  7. Sun also causes rain on earth which is very important for all the living organisms on earth.
  8. Sun gives sunlight which is used by the plants to make food. This process is known as photosynthesis.
  9. Sunlight is also used to generate electricity using solar cells.
  10. Without sun, no living organism can survive on earth.