Short Essay on French Revolution in English for Students and Children

A revolution is a political uprising which results into great social, political, economical and cultural changes in a nation state. French revolution is one such revolution which occurred in France. The revolution continued for ten long years.

French revolution was an outbreak led by the masses of France against the anti-people policies of the King. The revolution’s aim was to end Kingship from the nation. It aimed at ending of a society’s system which was based on privileges. Therefore, the primary intention was to settle a new system of governance which would ensure equality for all before the law.

French revolution like any other revolutions had some major causes behind its sudden release. There were political, social and economic causes which gave people a sense of resistance and rebellion to fight for their own rights.

The King, Louis XVI was unjust King particularly for the common people of the nation. His rule in France was in absolute manner. There were generally three sections of the society. The rights and privileges were mostly enjoyed by the people according to which class or section they belong to. The section which suffered the most was of farmer class.

Moreover, the first two sections were free of paying taxes to the state. But the third section was forced to pay a huge amount of taxes even though they were economically weak. Food crisis was another major cause for the revolution. The production of the food grains could not be maintained according to the rate of demand in the state.

Like any other political uprisings, French Revolution too had a few outcomes to be considered. The feudal system which was prevalent in the state got ended. Napoleon Bonaparte came into power and the nation had become a Republic France.