Essay on Happiness and Money in English for Students

Every one of us wishes to be happy in life. Happiness is an emotion, a feeling of satisfaction, love, and joy of living. But, most often, people think that to be happy, one has to have enough money. This sounds part truth as one can also be happy even if he or she has little money.

Money is essentially important for anyone to lead a good life. But, it can never buy happiness. Anything and everything money bring to us is mostly short lived and is a material happiness. But, the happiness one feel while being with one’s mother is the most valuable thing in life.

Everyone in one or the other way is trying to be successful in life and trying to be happy. Although, the world is getting more and more difficult day by day, people still are in a race to be happy and be satisfied with their life.

The relationships we have in our life play a significant role in making us feel happy. A good relationship with our family, friends and relatives always keeps us calm and satisfied in life. But, this is not the case always. There are times when we fail to maintain our relationships either with our family, friends or relatives. This results into making us restless and unhappy.

Sometimes, money also plays an important role as with the help of it, we can fulfill the needs our family. The basic needs of a family needs to be fulfilled for, a lack in it create chaos in the family. In this context, money plays a positive role in one’s life.

The relationship between money and happiness is mostly a passive one for, happiness does not always come with money. Even when money is important, it is only the material part of our life which is fulfilled by money and happiness is what we feel from inside.