A Scene at a Railway Station Essay

I visited New Delhi railway station last Monday. I had to receive a friend. He was coming from Mumbai. It was morning time. Yet there was a big crowd there and great hustle and bustle.

There were a number of men and women in front of booking windows. I could buy a platform ticket with great difficulty. Inside, the passengers and collies were running with luggage hither and thither to catch the train.

Hawkers were shouting. Compartments of all the trains were fully packed with people. Some people were fighting for seats. A few children were crying. They were uneasy because of the rush.

Women were nervous as they could not feel easy in crowded compartments. My friend’s train ‘Rajdhani Express’ arrived at 8 AM. As the train touched the platform, collies rushed to hold luggage.

They seemed to be greedy and were charging four times the due The railway staff was helpless in controlling them. But the stalls were full of goods. There were books, newspapers, medicines, water bottles, soft drinks, toys, food items, fruits, playing cards, biscuits and pitchers.

Lights were very powerful Loudspeakers were announcing regularly the timings of the incoming and outgoing trains. Some television sets were also there to display programmes. People were happy with arrangements.

The place was full of noise. People were speaking different languages. They wore different dresses. Their presence made the station colourful The station was a huge place. It looked like a castle. I enjoyed the scene