Present Perfect Tense Examples in English

  1. I have finished my homework.
  2. They have traveled to many countries.
  3. She has written a book.
  4. We have seen that movie before.
  5. He has lived in Paris for five years.
  6. The team has won the championship.
  7. They have studied French for two years.
  8. She has visited her grandparents.
  9. We have eaten at this restaurant before.
  10. He has bought a new car.
  11. They have completed the project on time.
  12. She has learned to play the guitar.
  13. I have lost my keys.
  14. We have experienced many adventures together.
  15. They have attended the conference.
  16. He has received a promotion at work.
  17. She has finished reading the novel.
  18. We have had a lot of fun at the amusement park.
  19. They have painted the living room walls.
  20. I have known him since childhood.

Detailed Notes on Present Perfect Tense