20 Sentences in Present Continuous Tense

  1. She is studying for her final exams.
  2. They are playing football in the park.
  3. I am writing a letter to my friend.
  4. The children are laughing and playing.
  5. We are cooking dinner together.
  6. He is reading a book in the library.
  7. They are dancing at the party.
  8. She is running on the treadmill at the gym.
  9. The students are listening to the teacher attentively.
  10. We are watching a movie at the cinema.
  11. He is talking on the phone with his sister.
  12. They are working on a group project.
  13. She is practicing the piano for her recital.
  14. The workers are building a new house.
  15. I am waiting for the bus to arrive.
  16. The baby is sleeping peacefully in the crib.
  17. We are planting flowers in the garden.
  18. They are studying Spanish for their upcoming trip.
  19. He is fixing his car in the garage.
  20. She is swimming in the pool.

Notes on Present Continuous Tense