Paragraph on Peacock

Peacock is a bird which is very well known throughout the world. Peacock is the masculine gender whereas the feminine gender or the female species are called peahens. Together, a peacock and a peahen are called peafowl.

It is the national bird of India. It is extremely beautiful with its big tail which has many delicate feathers adorned on it. The feathers are of blue and green colour and peacock’s body is of indigo colour with long shining neck.

Peacock is a regal bird which means that its beauty is famous in every part of the world and its pictures and models are used to decorate buildings, functions, houses, projects and paintings. In fact, the great Mughal Emperor Shahjahan also had a beautiful throne in peacock shape called the peacock throne.

One can even notice the beautiful crown on peacocks’ heads. Because of this crown, they are also called the kings of birds.

When it dances, peacock spreads its tail which looks like a big beautiful and majestic fan of feathers. It usually dances to show it’s beauty and also to attract the peahen. It also likes to dance in the light rains. Its dance, its walk, and its overall appearance shows that peacock is a proud bird. This quality of peacock is also used in an English idiom which is: ‘As proud as a peacock’.

Peacock is also helpful to farmers as it dislikes insects and snakes. Hence, when it eats snakes or insects in the farmlands, it automatically saves the farmers’ crops.

It is a shame though, to see that peacock is constantly hunted down for the greed of its beautiful feathers. we must try to stop this behaviour in every way possible as they are an integral part of the ecosystem and make our environment beautiful and rich.