Essay on Pen

We carry all essential things to school, but among them, the most important one is a pen. A pen is a tool to write. There are many types of pens such as a gel pen, a ball pen, and ink pens.

It is usually said that a pen is mightier than a sword. This actually means that the words that we write from a pen can perform many purposes therefore pen is more powerful than a sword.

The pen is used to write exams and our thoughts on paper. In this way, a pen becomes a medium of communication. When we cannot talk, we can use a pen to write down what we have to say.

The most important orders of any institution are always written down on paper. Therefore its importance is highlighted not just in our pencil boxes but also in every other field of work.

Today we use different varieties of pens, but a long time ago before a pen was invented in its present form, people used to write through bird feathers called quills. They also required inks. We can say that quills were ancient pens.

All our history was once written down on papers through quills. As there were no printers or computers, there were only pens and papers by which we could store information.

Imagine what would happen if no history was written anywhere! It was because of the use of a pen that we have all the past knowledge. How important a pen is in our daily lives!!