Essay on My Dear Sister

My name is Nikita and I am 14 years old. I have an older sister who is 16 years old. We both share one room and live a fun life together. My sister is very intelligent and teaches me everything like playing chess, making tea, drawing, painting and dancing too. She is also very naughty as sometimes she teases me and hides my books under her pillow. Whenever I am afraid of the dark, my sister always gives me courage and shows me how to be brave.

My sister shares all her toys and storybooks with me. We also decorate our house for different festivals together. Whenever we go to market together, my sister buys me a candy of my choice every time.

My sister is very fond of cats and has a pet cat named Kitty at home. She takes care of her pet very well. She is also very good at sports and always participates in sports competitions at school. She won many medals in her school Sport’s Day. She is good in Math but a little weak in English subject. She likes to solve all my math problems with me.

Her favourite food is broccoli and she likes vanilla ice cream very much. She is very tall and I only reach till her shoulder. I like to share all my problems with her as she always has solutions. When I grow up I will be as hardworking as my sister. I adore my sister and wish for her good health and happiness.