Essay on Cricket


The world’s second most loved and popular game is cricket. the game is approximately more than a hundred years and old and England is its mother country.

The game is played between two teams and is seen through bowling batting and fielding. Each team comprises eleven players and with a reserved player been kept in case of any physical injury. 

The reserved player is referred to as a twelfth man who is not allowed to go on the ground until he is asked. after England cricket has become most prominent in countries like Australia jamaica India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and in many countries of the world.

Importance and Purpose

Playing cricket is very much beneficial for the physical fitness of a person. Playing it helps one to remain active as it helps developing physical stamina and endurance.

Cricket serves or meets the purpose of getting pleasure from playing it having fun and on the other hand, it is played on a competitive level. Both men and women are capable of playing cricket if properly trained.

Playing cricket for fun can be played by anyone and can be played anywhere like a park backyard or in a small school ground. But the professional or competitive level cricket is only played on a field which has to have appropriate size according to the rules.

The most important lesson learned by playing cricket is team spirit. children generally learn how to be in a team yet in harmony.


The cricket has been winning millions of hearts with its fame and popularity. People of age group are fond of this game. children especially find it extremely loving and interesting to play or watch cricket.