Essay on My Family


A group of people, often three or four in number, and sometimes more than four, living together in a house is called a family. The most important unit of society is the family.

A person’s identity is often recognized by his or her family. Families make everyone better than what they are and fill everyone with necessary manners, morals and a good way of living in a particular society.


The ones having a family are the ones among those lucky people who have their loved ones standing behind and for them. The best and the worst time of one’s life express the utmost need of a family, who in good times express their happiness and in difficult times ensure their supports and strengths.

A family teaches us the importance of love, togetherness, harmony, and kindness. A family is what gives us protection in every way. The people, who are living without a family find it hard to live, although, manage to live.

The family I am gifted with is the most amazing thing in my life. The harmonious and the united state of my family inspire me to always be good and polite to everyone.

Everyone’s own personal traits motivate me in every way. We are four members of family including me. We all are a friend to each other in our family.

Everyone in my family tries to be truthful to any kind of situation arises. Our togetherness is what helps us tackle any kind of difficulty in our life.


A person’s pride is his family. It is the family that stands right beside you, holding you whenever there is a need. The utmost faith you earn in your life is through your family. So, the family is where our victory produces.