Essay on Peacock


The name itself sounds melodious and beautiful just like it appears to everyone. It is a kind of bird and upon seeing them everyone becomes delightful. The most beautiful thing about them is the variations in the colors they carry.

Peacock is known as the National Bird of India because of its associations with the ideas of Indian myth and legends. Along with being declared as the national bird, it brought a sense of responsibility to the people of this land that they should be conserved and preserved properly so as to avoid extinction.


Peacocks look like a cock but the size is huge. They have two legs and a long tale filled with beautiful and colorful feathers. The feathers are the ones that make anyone the happiest and especially the children.

It is found that on their feathers, someone has painted human eyes and this makes them more beautiful. Mostly, the color of a peacock seems to be violet, green, blue and sometimes grey.


Peacocks are very much grateful and seem like they are too shy to be in front of people. They are adaptive to almost every weather condition. They have a mesmerizing nature the people are fond with.

As it is evident, peacocks cannot fly as much any other bird can, but with their two strong legs, they run fast. Peacocks are omnivorous and therefore, eat both the plants and the animals.


So, the symbol of beauty and grace, Peacocks make everyone love them. They are the reason most children visit a zoo. A peacock looks amazing when it spread its tail.

Indian history cannot be spoken without the inclusion of peacocks which now are a part of its culture as the arts produced in this land represent them.