Letter to Principal from Class Requesting Evening Games in the School

The Principal,
K.S Public School,
Shah Najaf Road, 
Uttar Pradesh-226001

Subject-Request for evening games.

Respected Sir,

I study in class 7A of your prestigious school. Our timetables are very rigid and tedious. With sports day coming up all our Physical Education classes also comprise of training and practice. 

We have no time to play and recreate. Thus, on behalf of the entire class, I humbly request you to arrange evening games for us. We have all agreed to stay the extra hour and spend some fun time with each other bonding and playing. Our class teacher Vishal sir has agreed to supervise us only if you grant permission. 

We will only use the school ground and keep it clean too. Games are very essential for us for they will build us in more ways than one. The class will turn into one team and support and cheer for each other. Also, our games will not always be sporty but intellectual too. I promise we will behave and not loiter.

Thank You.

Yours truly,
Saima Qazi
607, Sona Apartments,
Balmiki Marg
Uttar Pradesh- 226001