Letter to Principal From Parent Requesting Scholarship for Son/Daughter

The Principal,
Rana Pratap English School,
Shah Najaf Road, 
Uttar Pradesh-226001

Subject- Request for a scholarship.

Respected Sir,

I am the mother of Seema Kapadia who studies in class 7A of your esteemed institution. I attended the last PTA meeting where you spoke a phenomenal speech.

I was very moved by your inspiring and kind words to make this world a better place for our kids. I know of a girl who is ten years old. She is Ayesha Ali my driver’s daughter, a very intelligent and sweet child.  Her father is a very hardworking and kind man. Unfortunately, the English schools deny her admission because of her father’s occupation. It would be a huge favour if you could grant her a scholarship to your prestigious school. Ayesha excels in all her classes and I also tutor her in English.

Ayesha is keen to learn the language; her father dreams of it every day. I humbly ask you to consider my request.

Thank You.

Yours truly,
(parent’s signature)
Meera Ahuja
607, Sona Apartments,
Balmiki Marg
Uttar Pradesh- 226001