Letter to Editor complaining about Increasing Thefts in Your Area

R-1 Vaibhav Nagar
MG Road, Agra
9 October 2019

The Editor
The Hindustan Times
New Delhi

Subject: Issue of increasing incidents of burglary.


Through your prestigious newspaper, I would like to draw the attention of the concerned authority towards the increased incident of burglary in my locality. The residents of the locality are facing this threatening issue for three months now. 

This problem has increased tremendously since last week. The burglary began when two of the residents were looted a small amount of money from their houses. However, after a gap of a week, such incidents increased and became more alarming. The burglars began to invade the cars and building in the daylight and soon they started using knives and other dangerous tools to threaten the residents.

One of the resident’s maid got wounded and had to be taken immediately for dressing. People in my locality are deeply frightened and feel insecure even in their homes. Many are scared to leave their children alone at any given time of the day. It has become a serious hindrance to our smooth day to day work. Some of the residents have taken medical leave from their office and have moved to their relatives’ place. Apparently, there have been twelve such cases for last three months. 

The residents have lodged an F.I.R. with the local police station and requested the authority for patrolling by at least two policemen during the day and night. However, no action has been taken by the police in any way in spite of our urgent need for help. Through the columns of your newspaper, I hope to bring this issue into the notice of the relevant officers. It is a call for immediate actions against the theft and burglars. 

Thank You
Yours sincerely
Ria Sarkar