Tenses in English Grammar with Examples in English

Tense in simple words means time. In Urdu, it means Waqt (???), Zamana (?????). In Hindi, it means Kaal (???). Thus, tense is simply a particular time. Now, the time can either be gone (jo guzar gya ho), or the one which is right now (jo chal rha ho) or it can be which is yet to come (jo aane vala ho).

Thus the time can either be Past or Present or Future. The Tense is hence divided into three parts – Present Tense, Past Tense and Future Tense. Memorize the following table before going to the next unit.

Now that you have understood the basic meaning of Tenses, their types and meanings in Hindi and Urdu, it’s time to move ahead. All three tenses are further divided into 4 types.

Present Tense

Past Tense

Future Tense

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In the next unit, we will learn Present Indefinite Tense in detail. Meanwhile you may check this article about Tenses on English Finders.