Trees Poem by Sara Coleridge Summary Class 6


The poem, “Trees”, written by Sara Coleridge talks about different types of trees and each tree specialises in something that is important for human beings. Sara has written this child-like poem to inspire humans in loving and appreciating nature. 


The Banyan is the largest of the trees, 
The Peepul quivers in the breeze, 
The Coconut grows up straight and tall, 
The Neem tree’s fruits are very small,
The Tamarind gives a pleasant shade, 
The Date’s leaf is as sharp as a blade, 
The Teak tree gives as useful wood,
The Mango gives us fruit that is good. 


In this poem dots about various types of trees and their benefits. The bullet list how beneficial trees are far as they talking about different trees. The boy starts with the largest tree which is “The Banyan” tree. She then talks about the sacred tree also known as the Peepul tree which looks beautiful in a gentle wind. The poet also mentions the Coconut tree which, unlike the Banyan, grows up straight and tall.        

She then talks about the small fruits from the Neem tree and the pleasant shade from the Tamarind tree. The poet then talks about the sharp leaf of the Date plant and the useful wood sought by humans from the Teak tree. The poet finally ends the poem by talking about the Mango tree and the delicious fruit that borne it. 


In this poem the poet has tried to spread knowledge to her readers by talking about various beneficial aspects of different trees. She talks about how humans, not only get shade or fruits from the trees, but a lot more things like wood and strength. Through this poem the poet has highlighted the fact the trees are important for the survival of mankind.