Spices of India Lesson Summary 6th Standard


Through the story,  the author has tried to show what spices are and how important they are in our day to day life and how they make the food more delicious and appetizing and pleasing to the eyes. 

The Story

Spices form an important ingredient in our food which is why they are known as the soul of food. The role of spices is to add flavor and balance the nutrition in our food. They even add color and vibrancy to make the dish look pleasing and appetizing. For the Indian food, spices like cumin, turmeric, mustard, pepper, gloves and fennel are very important amongst all the spices in the world. 

Whenever people are asked about Indian food the first thing that comes to mind is Spicy Curry where “curry” stands for the Tamil word, Kari, meaning sauce. A sauce is cooked using different spices, condiments and herbs. The preparation can either be mild or spicy and it is prepared using a whole lot of condiments which gives it a strong delightful taste.

It comes in different flavors like sweet, sour, tangy, hot and so on which when eating with rice or some other delicacies makes the person even more hungrier for the great food. Spices also add a great adventure to the name. Many of the most exciting voyages of modern history were made to conquer the spice trade and the race to become its

master. Like in 1942 Columbus had intended to discover India and pepper but instead discovered America and chili. Voyages like this and and Vasco da Gama‘s discovery of Africa and pepper led to other countries expand the nations for the thirst of spices and established a colony.

Spices were always an important part of India’s trade. Spices were traded with Mesopotamia, China, Sumeria, Egypt and Arabia, along with perfumes and textiles as far back as 7000 years ago much before the Greek and Roman civilizations. Nowadays all the spices are available in all parts of the world it was once a time when people traded whatever they had to receive despise from India.

During the Middle Ages, a pound of ginger was worth the price of a sheep. Such barter was done during those days to receive even a pound of a particular spice from India as India was, at that time, driving as the nation of spices.

Amongst many Indian spices, cardamom, cloves, ginger, mace and nutmeg were some of the most sought after spices which now are available door to door. Black pepper also known as ‘Black gold’ was the most prized spice traded from the Kerala coast.

Indians have been using black pepper for a very long time. Indians have been using cinnamon for a long, long time but people from  other parts of the world appreciated the fragrance and taste of cinnamon. Even if the spice has now become a regular in everyone’s household and has lost their value and glory, they will never be forgotten from the kitchen or lose their place in the kitchen.    

Upholding One’s Culture

Though the author of the essay has talked about spices in general India’s rich culture in spices has been uphold it throughout the story. India has been glorified, since the medieval times, still present day for its rich an extensive list of spices. The author presents view that though, in the current times, each and every household in the world has access to all the spices, India still thrives in the long lost glory and value of the spices.

The author even uses the example of Columbus, who do had ended up discovering America and Chili, had intended to discover India and pepper. Countries all over the world used to trade with India for a pound of the valuable spice. For example, black pepper also known as ‘Black gold’ was

the most prized spice traded from the Kerala coast. Indians have been using black pepper for a very long time. Farmers began growing it in around 5000 years ago. And exported it to North and West Asia. The trade soon spread to Greece, Rome, Europe, and China. Through these examples and points, the author wanted to highlight how glorious and rich India was and still is in terms of spices. Indian is like a land of flavours and the spices present here and acquired from other places, makes the food more lively, appetising and delicious. 


The use of spices has been highlighted throughout the story. Spices form a valuable part in the preparation of food and other delicacies. No matter from where a person is, spices form an important constituent in the day-to-day life. Like other countries, India, too, has been put up on a platform to showcase the richness of the land in terms of spices.