The Thief’s Story 

The story is about two friends Deepak (narrator) and Arun. It highlights the importance of learning and education and the consequences of its deficit.

Education can be a useful tool in grooming a person to think, do and conduct his affairs in a manner conducive to societal and personal good.

Deepak & Arun

Deepak was an illiterate teenager who had developed a bad habit of stealing. Arun, on the other hand, was an educated and responsible adult and compassionate in his make-up.

Deepak meets Arun in a street scuffle and marks him as his next victim. He develops friendly conversation with him and talks him into giving him a job as his cook. However, he does not know how to cook. Arun not only helps him learn cooking but also teaches him basic writing.

Arun – Poor Guy

Arun does not earn regularly so often could not pay Deepak. Instead he feeds him and teaches him to make up for his failed remuneration. Deepak starts to fancy himself as a writer, aspiring to become a very successful one. Also he finds a way of stealing a portion of the shopping money Arun gives him, as his personal stash.

However, things take a strange turn one night. Arun comes home carrying a lot of money (Rs5 denominations). He seems happy and goes to sleep, safekeeping the money under his care and covers it with the pillow.

Deepak’s Idea of Stealing

This attracts the thief in Deepak. Even though they both have developed strong ties of trust and care, Deepak finds it hard to resist the lure of easy money.

Stealing has been the skill he was best at. So he springs to Arun’s room, slides his hand under the resting body of Arun and steals the money without alarming his friend.

Now, with a mix of fear and guilt, he decides to run away. He escapes to the train station is all set to board the next departing train. However, in an unpredictable development, he does not.

He cannot find enough strength to get on the train. The train leaves and he is left without any place to go to. He wanders swimming in guilt to an open field. He rests his body on a bench still troubles by his sinful act. 

To make matters worse, the rain clouds start pouring down and he gets completely drenched in clothes. He runs for cover under a stall. Now, the emotions get the better of him.

Shame & Guilt

He feels ashamed and guilty of breaching the faith of one person that actually cared for him and helped. He builds enough determination to face his victim and correct is blunder.

He sneaks back into the house and then into Arun’s room. He puts the money exactly where he took it from with Arun seemingly in deep sleep.

Next morning, Deepak wakes up to find Arun preparing breakfast. He woke up earlier than usual. He calls Deepak to his room and hands him a 5 rupee note. He assures him that now he will give him regular salary and he would not have to steal anymore.

Two Best Friends

Deepak is shocked to see the money still wet from the previous night’s downpour in the field. He realizes Arun’s magnanimity and love. More importantly, he still trusted him. 

That day Deepak learns to write his own name and from thereon in, Arun and Deepak become even stronger friends.


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