Angry River

This children’s story that narrates the life of a young brave-heart called Sita. She is in the care of her grandparents and they live on a deserted island. Their house is small and made of mud. Since they live on an island their house is always vulnerable to submergence under the river water in case of heavy rain. 

One day Sita’s grandparents have to leave the island to visit the city hospital. Since they need the boat to transport they ask Sita to stay inside the house and not leave unless it is absolutely necessary. They advise her that if it rains and the river water becomes too violent then she should climb up a tree to reach a safe spot. 

In the absence of her grandparents, Sita is on the lookout for any sharp rise in the water level of the river. Once she is sure that the situation is dangerous she collects a few of her favourite things and climbs up the tree as advised by her grandfather.

However, when she is atop the tree she remembers that she had left her favourite doll Mumta in the house only. She is devastated. She starts being nostalgic about her young life and all the moments and memories in the house and the island. 

In her darkest moments, Sita’s eyes fall on a crow that was also struggling in the flood. However, the bird was relentlessly trying to rescue its nest from the troublesome waters. Its determination and resolution to protect its home inspires Sita. 

Once the river subsides, she returns to the island with her grandfather. She learns about her grandmother’s death but remains bold even in tragedy. She has learned from her grief and starts to recreate and rebuild her home with her grandfather, literally and metaphorically.