Act 5

Prospero enters in his magic robes with Ariel. He is in full control of his magical power and asks about the state of the King and his followers. Ariel reports him of everything in a way that it appeals to Prospero’s humanity.

He breaks his spell from them so that they return to their senses. He starts stating all the achievements of his power. He considers his power to be too violent and decides to abandon it in such a way that it never comes back to him or anyone again.

Prospero magically arranges Alonso, Gonzalo, Sebastian, and Antonio in a circle and talks of the past when he was cast out and he acknowledges Gonzalo’s help during that time. He reminds them of their wrongs especially of his brother and forgives him.

Ariel undresses Prospero’s robe and sings of his own freedom. Prospero asks him lastly to bring the master of the ship and other marine officers of it. Alonso guiltily realizes his wrongs and asks for Prospero’s forgiveness.

Prospero drives the attention towards Ferdinand and in a suspenseful manner talks about his own daughter Miranda. Alonso gives back Prospero his Dukedom. And Prospero takes him to the place where Miranda and Ferdinand are playing chess.

Alonso is unable to believe that his son is still alive and both of them meet. Ferdinand tells him about Miranda and his love for her. Alonso accepts it wholeheartedly. Ariel brings those mariners back who have found the King and the ship finally.

Prospero asks Ariel to set Caliban along with Stephano and Trinculo free. They enter the scene while Antonio and Sebastian make fun of Caliban’s deformity. Prospero tells them about him in a disappointing way regarding his manner and savagery.

Caliban apologizes for his behaviors and actions and three of them leave. Prospero invites Alonso and his people to his place and promises to take them to their ship the next day. Alonso expresses his desire to hear his story after coming from Milan. 

All of them leave the scene and Prospero delivers the last speech, to the audience, in the epilogue. He talks of how he has finally deserted all his powers of magic. He places the final authority in the hands of the audience regarding his character.

He professes that as an artist, his job was to please but now he must leave while fearing for artful despair. He asks for forgiveness and prays the audience to set him free.